Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amigurumi by Twistyfishies on Etsy

Photo by Me


Durability: These guys are great, I dragged them all over Indy during Gencon, whipping them out and photographing them, then shoving them back in my bag, they have held up amazingly! No wear or tear at all.
These guys sit so easily, and are also very easy to mold into shape, should they be, oh... say, squished into your purse. They hold their shape well, they sit without too much fuss, lovely all around.

Height: between 2 and 3 inches

Makeup: Some have blushed cheeks,, it adds to the adorable... but Twistyfishies does custom orders, so I'm sure you could get them without the blushing.



Style: They come in a little box bound with ribbon

Ease of Opening:
incredibly easy.


About $10 each, which, for Amigurumi these days, is really, really reasonable... and these guys are totally worth it.

Spend your money on these ones... doooo it! Adorable in photographs, perfect companions for other toys, great to just tote around, these guys are a lot of fun.

On Etsy... Amigurumi robots, buglets and umdrops by Twistyfishies... I saw them randomly, fell in love, and bought some... and have not been disappointed... from the excellent packaging to the adorable product, I can't get enough of these little cuties. :)

Go HERE to check out Twistyfishies etsy shop :)

The umdrops are the newest edition to Twistyfishies adorable menagerie... check them all out, they're adorable AND affordable!

Photo by Me
Nanobot: Photo by Twistyfishies

Umdrop: Photo by Twistyfishies

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