Wednesday, December 22, 2010

REVIEW: Coraline 7.5 inch Bendy Doll in Raincoat

Brand: NECO
Model: Coraline Bendy Doll in Raincoat

Durability: The bendy joints are all fairly sturdy. I have posed and reposed this doll and she does not seem to be wearing out at all.

Posability: VERY poseable. She can pretty much pose in any way I've wanted her to. On top of that, her faceplate is removable, so you can reposition her eyes as well.

Clothes: Coraline comes with a rain slicker, which is quite well made, a pair of jeans, also well made and a pair of plastic rain boots (there are no feet inside, they attach with the peg system). The boots are amazing in detail. My only complaint is that she isn't wearing a shirt under the raincoat... which seems a little creepy to me, lol!

 Makeup: Here is my one and only complaint about this doll... and it's a pretty big one. Her facepaint chips. Easily. This doll was shipped to me with the paint on her nose already chipped off and a huge scratch in her eyebrow. When I contacted the supplier to complain, they had the gall to tell me the doll was *supposed* to look like that.
What had happened was, their entire shipment from NECO arrived that way and they just assumed the doll was supposed to look like that (which... considering it's a huge, rubbed off, dark spot on the tip of her nose... seems a little unbelievable to me). The supplier I bought it from was quick to remedy matters... however, I emailed NECO about the quality of the facepaint and NEVER heard back from them... leading me to believe that they don't care if they're selling an inferior product.
Based on their lack of response... I would never recommend anyone buy from them.

Hair: This is one of the coolest parts of the doll. She has a semi-clear blue plastic head of hair that is remarkably reminiscent of the movie. Truly a stroke of brilliance, deciding to go with that type of plastic.

Accessories: No accessories

Style: Simple, straight forward, but not very effective in protecting the doll's delicate faceup.
Coraline comes in a rectangular box with a window front... which unfortunately is so close to the dolls face that in shipping it is inevitably pressed inwards and rubs the paint off the tip of her nose.

Ease of Opening: Very easy

I paid $12.99 for this doll, and you can find her on Amazon ranging from $11-$22.
Based on the quality of the paint job on the face, I would recommend not spending too much on one.

I wouldn't recommend buying this doll if you're bothered by her having a huge black spot on the tip of her nose.
It's sad really, because otherwise, this is a truly amazing product. The doll is ADORABLE, the poseable eyes are really neat, she *really* looks like the movie version... and yet... there's that glaring flaw, right on the tip of her nose.
Not only that, but  I am totally turned off by the fact that NECO did not respond to my email about a flawed product.
To me, that just says they don't care that they're selling inferior product.
I can't promote a company that won't stand by their own product, and make sure the customer is getting a quality piece of work.

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