Wednesday, December 29, 2010

REVIEW: Death Note Case File #1 Nendoroid Petits

Photos from Good Smile Company Website
Company: Good Smile Company
Brand: Nendoroid Petits
Model:  Death Note Case File #1

Durability: The parts of this doll don't seem prone to breaking, however, they come with interchangable arms and little parts (like wings) that detach... and it's hard as heck to get them back on again once they've come off.

Posability: Their heads and arms are movable, and some come with interchangable arms, but otherwise they aren't very poseable. Two of the Shinigami come with stands that suspend them in the air as if they're flying, which is pretty cool.

Clothes: Cute and very detailed... Ryuk's shoulder tassels detach and are hard as heck to get back on, along with the Shinigami's wings... but otherwise, pretty easy to handle.

 Makeup: Really, REALLY cute makeup, the eyes are painted on and they are done really well. The shading is adorable. I have 6 of them and they all have perfect paint jobs.

Hair: Also plastic, with shading detail on Light's hair. The styles are anime accurate and really cute.

Accessories: They all seem to have little accessories, such as extra arms holding a Deathnote journal, or handcuffs or a little bag or little apples... all of them are adorable, although I kind of hate the alternate arms, they're hard as HECK to put on.

Height: About 2 3/4 inches tall

Extras: These figures all came with clear plastic stands that work quite well and don't take up too much space.

Style: A box showing pictures of the product, but not which one is in it, it's a random pick... which is a little aggrivating when they're $12 a pop, but still worth it, and I had no problems giving away my doubles.
Ease of Opening: Just a cardboard box with glue holding it together, so very easy to open.

I paid $12.00 per box at a local Anime store... but I've seen them range from $9-$30 for one. It really depends on which one you're going after.

I highly recommend these figures. They are just soooo cute. They aren't quick to fall apart, and they aren't made with that annoying sticky plastic... so overall, pretty awesome.
I'm new to the Nendoroids... and have just ordered a pair of non-petit ones... so I'll have reviews on those in the near future.

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