Friday, January 7, 2011

REVIEW: Miss Dorothy Gale

(I am changing things up a little, today there's a doll, next Wednesday, a Figurine)
Brand: Mattel
Type: Pink Label
Model: Miss Dorothy Gale

Durability: Her pieces are simple so it would probably be pretty hard to ruin them! Her body is your typical model body for Barbie.

Posability: The arms and legs don't bend at the elbow and knee joints, giving this Barbie very limited poseability... her head has a typical Barbie movement range. Arm and legs do pivot at shoulder and hip joints.

Clothes: Very cute dress, stockings, shoes and bag... the dress itself is a little along the lines of 'slutty halloween costume'... and not very 'Dorothy' from the movie... but it's still adorable. Her shoes have been given higher heels and are pretty cute, although the heels of her feet do not stay in the shoes.

 Makeup: Very adorable makeup that is a bit heavier than the promo picture, a bit more blue, and has glitter... I think it might add more to that 'halloween costume' feel... because the promo picture looks a little more wholesome. Her fingernails are also painted.

Hair: I think this is one of the prettiest Barbie hair colors I've ever seen... a brown, with red hints... very auburn. It's done up in two adorable braids that are thick, leading me to believe she has quite a lot of hair, should someone feel the need to restyle it.

Accessories: Dorothy carries a little red bag, very cute, quite large, and functional, because it carries little Toto. Toto himself seems a little lighter than the movie version, but he's adorable, and probably closer to true Cairn Terrier coloration anyways.

Style: A very simple, almost boring box.

Ease of Opening: Pretty easy... all attached with easy to open (without scissors) plastic tabs. The head, again, was annoying run through with those plastic tags... but it seems the rest of Barbie packaging has improved dramatically from when I was a kid.

I am guessing she retails around $39.95, but I bought her on clearance at Target for $20

I think she's absolutely adorable. Since her box, for me, didn't really add anything to how cool she looked, I took her out of it and she stands on my desk at work... and every time I look over at her I just think "ADORABLE!" Her lovely braids and beautiful hair color... and cute outfit and Toto... really make for a well put together doll.

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