Sunday, January 9, 2011

Repaint Sunday: noeling

This week I am going to feature the artist who made me want to try repainting in the first place... 
photography by noeling from his deviant art site linked below
Photo by noeling from his deviant art site, linked below
  His work is amazingly realistic... and often he includes before and after pictures 
(why hasn't Tonner hired this man?!)

My favorite place to see his work is on Deviant Art here:

but he also has his own website here:

I have yet to see an artist that I think surpasses his work... and I am always amazed by what he can accomplish with a brush and some paint.

Photo by noeling, from his deviant art site, linked above

His works range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and as far as I've seen, he sells them through ebay auctions.

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