Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Belated Japan Monday! Disney Fireball: Drossel Action Figures

 Disney Fireball: Drossel Mini Action Figures

 I  randomly picked one of these little guys up last year at Anime Central, because I thought they were so darn cute. I didn't really pay attention to what I was buying, or the display figure, beyond "OMG, that's adorable!"

When I got back up to my room though, I discovered that this is possibly one of the coolest little action figures I've ever purchased. She is SO poseable!!!

Durability: I'm not going to lie. These figures have a lot of tiny parts. You have to put all the tiny bolts in yourself (I haven't bothered) and her little thumbs are prone to popping off if you drop her (I did this once... ACK!) Because she comes apart, though, it's pretty hard to break her, and very easy to put her back together, so in the grand scheme of things, it's not bothersome at all.
SO poseable! Her head moves, her torso is jointed, her arms bend at the shoulder, elbow, hand... and then her fingers move too. Her legs bend at the hip and knee, as well as at the foot and at the ball of the foot. She is a posing machine!

Height: 4 inches
N/A, she is hard plastic... although she does come in 4 variations.
 Makeup: Not really applicable, except one of them does have some black swirly head paint that is very pretty.

Dorothy carries a little red bag, very cute, quite large, and functional, because it carries little Toto. Toto himself seems a little lighter than the movie version, but he's adorable, and probably closer to true Cairn Terrier coloration anyways.


Style: They come in little Gashepon plastic balls.

Ease of Opening:
not too bad, but once I had her all together, I didn't want to store her in there any more, because things always go flying out of those little balls when I open them!


I bought my first one at Anime Central for $12.
Determined to pay less than that for the rest of them, I scoured amazon and ebay, eventually finding a seller on ebay who was selling all 4, from Japan, for $16. I ordered them, they were delivered promptly, and NOT knockoffs! How amazing is that? Unfortunately, I haven't seen that seller list any more... but you can buy the full set on Amazon for around $23.99... or individually for around $6.99.

Spend your money on these ones... doooo it! They are amazing, loads of fun, and really very capable of amusing poses.


As an added bonus... you can find Drossel's little short animations on Youtube! Just follow the link:


You can view the first episode below (with English subtitles) 

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