Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tonner Rapunzel Doll... I see what they've done there... and I don't like it

Let me preface this by saying I love Tonner dolls ( ). Their Harry Potter line is just amazing, and their attention to detail in the outfits makes for some very interesting, very beautiful dolls.

However, in their IDEX preview (another Clash of the Titans doll? really??)... there was one doll in there that stood out for me as a failure.

The Disney Rapunzel doll.
Did they watch the movie?
Do they realize their doll is a bit walleyed?
When you look at the full view, there is a brief moment when you think, "Ah, ok, this might not be so bad..." but then you click on the facial closeup and realize, nope, something is not quite right.

Here is a picture of Disney's princess:

And here is a picture of the Tonner doll:
© 2010 Tonner® Doll Company, Inc

There's something strange, and wrong concerning her eyes. From the unfocused stare to the 'realistic' style... it's just not coming together for me.

It's not even that this is a terribly bad doll. She's actually pretty cute... but she just doesn't come across as DISNEY's Rapunzel at all. This doll looks so bland that I can't picture her at all as the defiant girl from Tangled.

I'm hoping, that since the picture from the Tonner site reads 'Pending Licensor Approval' that Disney makes them repaint the girl to have something more than a bland expression.

Just to make a note of the fact that Tonner can do it right, and usually does... check out their version of Disney's Princess Tiana... the girl has expression and spunk. 

Or their version of Belle, who lives up to her name:

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  1. Yeah, I hope they straighten that out. They're not cheap. They should go back to the drawing board on this one. Rapunzel in the Disney movie is so sweet and beautiful. You can't help falling in love with her. They have to capture that soul in her face. I agree that the prototype has not accomplished capturing that light which Rapunzel has in her expressions in the film.